About Rebecca Joy

Yankee by birth and Southern at heart.  Below the Mason Dixon line is where I found my niche.  I call the hot and humid place of Houston my home.  Making a big move after graduation, I took the leap of a lifetime to pursue a career in helping others.  I’m a Speech Pathologist by day and an aspiring writer by night.  I’m a lover of words and enjoy brining encouragement and wisdom into the lives of others.

Food, fashion, fun, and fitness are all ways I experience temporary joy but my exuberant joy that I hope you come to know is from my eternal foundation of faith.  My faith has redefined who I am, what I do, and the way I live.  It has set me free from fear and insecurities and allowed me to walk forward with hope.  May my blog offer you encouragement, inspiration, and hope on your daily walk.

I believe that life is a journey with adventure waiting around every corner.  That our passions are perfected through perseverance. That daily laughter is essential to life and necessary to survive each day.  That we are called to look, listen, and most importantly love those around us. That differences are a path towards greater growth.  That Joy is a constant choice in times of chaos.  That there are no two identical seasons and it’s important to stop and celebrate the small successes.  That  trust and faith are the crossroads that lead to an everlasting hope, and most importantly, I believe that life is a labor of love meant to be cultivated, cared for, and shared with everyone you meet.

Thanks for stopping by and joining me on the everlasting journey to JOY!

Here’s to living this life well

Rebecca Joy



    What an amazing time of joy and anticipation in your and Andrew’s life!! We are praying for a healthy, safe and natural birth for you. You are an amazing woman and we were surely blessed to be at your wedding. I am so happy that Mama and Papa Search are with you and will be able to share in the birth.God bless you, Andrew and your new little miracle!

  2. Elizabeth Hasch says:

    Hi Becky!!
    First of all, thank-you for your love for Christ and joy to live out your life being a follower of Christ-What a way to wake up each day and impact someone you come into contact with, that perhaps doesn’t know the Lord and you, unknowing change their life forever!!
    We know that you are going thru some uncertain and scary times right now, but we hope that knowing others praying for you is a source of comfort and strength. Prayer is powerful and God hears our prayers. May you walk in faith and strength in these days ahead. Love, Jim and Elizabeth

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