Jesus the Healer

jesus-healerWalking the front lines of medicine you have a center stage view of people dying.  Some days a 95 year old is slowly progressing their way towards the door to eternity and you’re hopeful they make it soon for their own peace.  Other days you witness the horrific truths that any day could be your time and ask for Jesus’ healing power.   Instead of focusing on earthly things, you wipe the tears away with hope that you truly live each day to the fullest with a focus on kingdom treasures.   For those of you that attend First Baptist Houston, we witnessed one of the most raw and powerful testimonies about death about a month ago.  After hearing Nabeel Qureshi’s powerful proclamation of Christ’s truths, I was reassured that death is not an ending point but rather the gateway to our eternal beginning.  Nabeel is a Pakistani native who was a devout Muslim who converted to Christianity and was recently diagnosed with advanced stomach cancer at 33.  He has written three books No God but One, Seeking Allah finding Jesus, and Answering Jihad.

If you didn’t have the chance to see this message, please head to the link below.  Please note, a Kleenex maybe required but the message is one of great truth.  I urge you to share this message with at least one other person.  By email, by Facebook, or whatever means you’d like.  Let’s proclaim the good news of Christ and let Nabeel’s testimony be used to bring glory, honor, and new believers to His kingdom.



I ask you to pray about the following three things today

  1. Pray for Nabeel as he undergoes final chemo treatments and for complete, miraculous healing.
  2. Pray for someone you know today that needs healing.
  3. Pray that you would praise our Heavenly Father for each day we have here on earth and that we will use our time to bring Him glory.
  4. Pray that Nabeels story will reach millions.  That hearts will be changed, peace will be given, and Gods kingdom will grow.