The Greener Grass

The grass always seems greener over there.  Some days when we are knee deep in problems, it’s easy to search out a few friends who seem to be living the ‘perfect life’.   Comparison is the thief of joy and one thought of jealousy robs us of a thanksgiving spirit and opens us to the streams of self pity.

Recently, while enduring some of the normal hardships of life, I found myself stirring with bitterness, envy, and self pitty.  Daily I could feel and see how these feelings and thoughts were slowly encroaching on the goodness I had been blessed with.  I found myself focusing on the ‘have not’ or ‘negatives’ and forgetting the beauty of blessings all around me.  I was struck with conviction by the holt spirit.

A heart at peace gives life to the body, but envy rots the bones.  (Proverbs 14:30)

7015829-spring-grass-wallpaperFixing my eyes on Jesus, I felt Him encourage me to start a blessing book.  This gold notebook had been sitting on my night stand unused for a while now was the perfect opportunity for some writing.  Each day I started writing down a few blessings I was thankful for.  Small and large blessings have been building in my book daily as the day went on.   If I found myself heading towards self pity or envy, I brought out the blessing book and started writing away at the goodness God has given me.  It’s been miraculous to see the change in my heart and my head in each passing day.  In this world, we will face struggles, we will have rough patches and periods of anger or sadness.   But, we have a choice to pursue Gods faithfulness with a heart of thanksgiving or live in a state of discontentment and anger.  Today, I encourage you to set sometime aside to thank the Lord for your current season.  Praise him for the experiences and things you have.  Sometimes we can get so caught up in this world that we miss the little blessings of Jesus all around us.

Regardless of your season, it’s easy to hit valleys where everyone else seems to have ‘it all’ and you seem ‘to have nothing.’  It’s easy to become angry or envy another all while having little thankfulness for the life you’ve been given.